Business Speciality

Direct Fired Heaters for the refining and petrochemical industries are heat
transfer equipment in which heat energy from combustion of fuel is
transferred to a process fluid.

As critical pieces of equipment in industrial process facilities, fired heaters
are designed in a wide variety of configurations to meet the unique
requirements of each application.

KTI is a technology-based equipment supplier that has been designing and
supplying Direct Fired Heaters and Waste Heat Recovery Units on six
continents for over 45 years.


  • Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) heaters
  • Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) heaters
  • CCR Platforming / Aromizing heaters
  • Steam Superheaters
  • Coker Heaters
  • Steam Reforming Heaters
  • Ethylene Cracking Heaters
  • All other general Fired heaters.


  • Heat Recovery from Process Streams
  • Heat Recovery from Boiler Stack Gases
  • Heat Recovery from Fired-Heater Stack Gases
  • Heat Recovery from Gas Turbine Exhaust
  • Heat Recovery in Offshore Platforms
  • Power Recovery Turbines
  • Condensation Heat Recovery
  • Other Types of Waste Heat Recovery